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L'Equp Filter Pro Dehydrator Model #918L'Equp Filter Pro Dehydrator Model #918
Dehydrator tray set (Grey)Dehydrator tray set (Grey)
Silicone Fruit Leather TraysSilicone Fruit Leather Trays
Mesh insert screensMesh insert screens
Equi-Flow System of Food DehydrationEqui-Flow System of Food Dehydration
Using a L’Equip dehydrator is a great way to dry fruit, or make your own fruit leather, jerky or yogurt.  Drying is one of the oldest means of preserving food.  The dehydrator is so much more efficient and controlled than doing it in the sun.  With the L’Equip dehydrator there are three models to choose from: the L'Equip Filter Pro Dehydrator Model 918 and L'Equip food dehydrator Models 528 and 524.

The top of the line L'Equip Filter Pro Dehydrator Model 918 comes in a silver color.  The unique features are:
·         Digital LED time and temperature display
·         Comes with an air filtration system with 2 filters that can be blown out with air and reused
·         24 hr shut off timer
·         2 of the 6 trays, that come with the machine, are deeper
·         4 yogurt cups are provided to use with the deep trays
·         Retractable cord storage in base

Because of its unique design, a sub-page link has been created to view or purchase the various components.
The L'Equip food dehydrator Model 528 comes in Grey.  The Model 528 and the Filter Pro 918 share the following features:
·         The same 530-550 watt heating element
·         Adjustable thermostat – you have total control
·         Solid state variable temperature control from 95 to 156 degrees Fahrenheit
·         Come with 6 trays, 6 mesh sheets, and 2 “fruit leather” sheets
·         The trays and sheets are interchangeable between models
·         Both models are expandable to 20 trays
·         12 year warranty

The L'Equip food dehydrator Model 524 is the affordable alternative for the beginner to learn the dehydration business.  It has the same base unit, trays and mesh inserts as the Model 528.  It comes with four trays and mesh inserts, rather than the six that come with the Model 528.  However, it can be expanded by simply purchasing more trays and inserts.   
Note that the trays come in different colors (silver, white or grey), depending on which dehydrator you order or have.  Stacking over 12 trays requires reversal of the tray stack half-way through the drying process to ensure uniformity.  Design features produce consistent and uniform drying, even in the tray corners of the food dehydrator.  Durable and stackable trays are easy to soak, then brush and wash clean after use.  Each food dehydrator tray has over 1.2 square feet of drying space. The trays for both color choices and the common components (mesh inserts and fruit leather sheets) are shown above.

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"Who says fresh is best? Not the nation's antioxidant experts, They've proven that fruit doesn't have to be juicy to shield you from disease. The truth is, turning fruit to dried fruit is perhaps our best insurance for making it to those nine servings of fruits and vegetables we're supposed to eat in a day. Dried may even be better than fresh during the winter months when the harvest is limited." HEALTH MAGAZINE
Most foods are dehydrated at temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, or 54 degrees Celsius.  Meats,i.e. jerky should be dehydrated at a higher temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit, or 68 degrees Celsius, or preheated to those temperature levels, to guard against pathogens that may be in the meat.  Yogurt also requires good temperature control, which makes a temperature controlled dehydrator ideal for the task.  

The following links contains good information on yogurt preparation:  L'Equip Yogurt Demonstration

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