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Bosch Universal Stainless Steel Bowl Parts


The MUZ6ER1 Bosch Universal Stainless Steel Bowl Packs are still available on our website with individual parts available.  The individual parts fit the Bosch universal stainless steel bowls with the dough hook kneading from the bottom of the bowl from about 1984 forward.  All bowls prior to this time need to replace the complete drive bushing set (9) for those parts in the bowl bottom.  If you are not sure of the age of your stainless steel bowl it can be identified by whether or not the drive pin can be removed.  All bowls prior to 1984 had a snap ring on the bottom of the drive pin holding it in place.  In the newer models you reach inside the bowl and press the pin and it will fall out of the bowl.  Call with questions.

1-  153032  Drive pin gasket
2-  047972  Bushing gasket
3-  020888  Bushing nut
4-  263827  Clear plastic splash ring cover
5-  282724  Clear plastic splash ring with 3 pin attachment 
6-  020887  Bushing
7-  019608  Drive pin
8-  122588  Dough hook
9-  049607  Drive bushing set--For bowls prior to 1984(see above)  Includes items 6,2,3,1, and 7.

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