Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder Parts
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Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder Parts

The Bosch Meat Grinder Attachment Parts are the same for both the Bosch Universal Plus , the older Bosch Universal and the Bosch Concept Kitchen Machines with a couple of exceptions.  To use the Meat Grinder with the Bosch Concept requires an adaptor.  If you do not already have the adaptor, you will find it difficult if not impossible to find.  Since most parts are the same they have the MUZFW1 model number listed after them.  The MUZFW1 was the older Bosch Universal Model Number.  MUZ6FW4 is the newer Bosch Universal Model Number.  The biggest difference between the Bosch Universal (MUZFW1) meat grinder and the Bosch Universal Plus (MUZ6FW4) meat grinder is the length of the foot assembly.  The Universal has a shorter foot and the Universal Plus had a longer foot

Important Note:  You can adapt your Bosch Universal Meat Grinder to the Universal Plus by changing the foot.  All recent models have a slide-on style foot.  However, some of the older models had a bracketed or screw-on foot.  The bracketed or screw-on type foot is very difficult to find.  Our website can replace or change out the slide-on styles depending on your need.  Before ordering grinder your foot assembly look at the housing and foot assemby that you have to ensure that it will accomodate the slide-on foot.     

The knife and disk that you use with your meat grinder will determine the texture of your finished product.  Make sure you read the descriptions of each choice to determine your need.

Parts for the Bosch Universal Slicer-Shredder fall into Four main categories:

  • Easily Replaceable Parts
  • Parts Requiring Special Consideration
  • Knives
  • Individual Disks

Each Category breaks out with hyerlinks to their respective order pages below.

Easily Replaceable Parts are the following:

Parts Requiring Special Consideration.

  • 081154  Grinder Housing, MUZ7FW1
  • 607750  Foot Assembly, MUZ7FW1
  • 661123  Foot Assembly, MUZ6FW4

Knives.  There are two choices of blades for the Meat Grinder.  The texture of your ground product is determined by the knife and the disk.  4 blade knives grind finer than 2 blade knives.  Generally the 4 blade knife is used with disks 8mms and smaller, the 2 blade knife is recommended for the larger disks.  Experience with different disks and knives will be your best teacher.  It is also important that the knife be positioned with the flat side to the disk and Threaded Ring.  If the product does not flow through the grinder, you probably have the knife in backward.

  • MUZJMS1  Knife, stainless steel 4 blade, MUZ7FW1

Individual Disks. The smaller the hole on the disk the finer end product. 

  • J47961 2mm Disk, MUZ6FW4
  • J47962 3mm Disk, MUZ6FW4
  • J47960 4.5mm Disk, MUZ6FW4
  • J47963  6mm Disk, MUZ6FW4
  • J47966  8mm Disk, MUZ6FW4 is an authorized internet retailer of Bosch Mixers and our other products.
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