Lurch Flexi Form Baking Mat
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Lurch Flexi Form Baking Mat
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This Lurch Flexi Form Baking Mat can help you conveniently keep conveniently handle and bake many baked goods. It is designed for baking, freezing, cooking, or microwave cooking. The platinum silicone produces a non-stick baking surface. Size can also be adapted by trimming it with scissors to fit any baking sheet. Foods slip off easily from the nonstick silicone surface. Lurch Flexi Form silicone mats are made of 100% platinum silicone for the highest quality safety and optimal functionality.
  • 11.8 x 15.75 inch (or 30x40 cm) size.

  • Maximum non-stick performance thanks to 100% platinum silicone.

  • Temperature resistant between -76 and 500 degrees F.

  • Microwave safe.

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Indestructible (15-year warranty).

  • Food safe.

  • Suitable for persons suffering from allergies.

  • Fruit acid proof.

  • Includes recipes.

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