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Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill
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The Nutrimill Classic as an innovative variable high speed grain mill has been our market leader for more than 13 years.  The Nutrimill Classic mills large amounts of flour quickly.  The L'Equip Nutrimill grain mill can grind most grains and beans into fresh flour in minutes. The Nutrimill is adjustible from super-fine to coarse, allowing you to make cracked wheat, cornmeal, or fine bread flour. The L'Equip Nutrimill grain mill provides low temperature grinding to preserve nutrients. The compact design of the Nutrimill Classic grain mill has a 20 cup capacity. The Nutrimill has a self cleaning grinding mechanism. An new precracking element in the impact chamber allows you to load grain before you turn it on or allows you to turn it on and off during milling and yet not clog the mill. The Nutrimill's matched grain hopper avoids spill-overs.

Advanced technology in the Nutrimill includes:

  • Ergonimically designed control knobs and bowl handles for safe and easy use
  • 1 to 1 ratio for milling grain into flour with hopper with hopper extension, 1 full hopper of grain = 1 full bowl of flour
  • TruFeed precision grain flow control
  • Easy grip bowl, hopper, lid and control knobs
  • TruTrack bowl locking system- connects right every time
  • Worlds first variable, high speed, mill motor
  • 3xAirFlow for improved motor cooling and longer mill life
  • Improved texture control- from fine flour to fine cereal feature
  • TwistLock securely and easily locks the lid on the bowl
  • Stronger milling heads
  • Unique Force/Flow sound/air chamber design
  • 50% noise reduction,
  • 20 cup bowl capacity
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Limited LIFETIME Warranty
  • Certification by the Canadian Standards Association International

Eating whole grains on a regular basis helps prevents cardiovascular problems, stroke, heart attacks and clogged arteries.

You already know that you need to mill flour fresh in your kitchen to give your family all of the nutrition that nature intended. The Nutrimill has the latest technology advancements giving you the most milling control. You get the results you want. This mill is designed for a wide variety of milling needs. The L'Equip Nutrimill Classic has been our #1 selling mill for over 20 years.

Avoid grains, seeds, and beans with high oil or moisture content.

While supplies last we will include a free cookbook- "Baking Bread- Old and New Traditions" by Beth Hensperger.

Fine Cooking Magazine featured the Nutrimill grain mill in the Dec/Jan issue(2008-2009).  The design is lasting more than a decade.
They feature an online video demonstration of the mill at the following link:

Tip: When you first get your Nutrimill- place a little white flour on your fingers and wipe the rubber gasket at the top of the bowl with flour dust to allow the flour bowl to slide in and out of its seat more easily.

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