Norpro Apple Mate 2
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Norpro Apple Mate 2
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Model #864 — Apple Mate 2. Capable of paring, coring and slicing; paring only; or slicing and coring only (all in one operation). Features a stay-sharp deluxe stainless steel paring blade. Wide mounting clamp with extra leverage handle clamps edge of work area or counter (up to 1 3/4" thick). All of Norpro’s Apple-Masters feature a rust free, tool grade cast aluminum frame. Known for strength and durability, each lightweight frame provides ease in handling and is specially designed to save time and effort while canning. Apple-Mate is guaranteed for two years against defects in material and workmanship. Can be used for potatoes, onions, apples and pears. Fruits and vegetables work best when fresh and hard. Red and Golden Delicious Apples may peel better if the bottom of the apple is put on the 3 prong fork rather than stem end. Easy to pack around but of very good weight and construction. Instructions and recipes included. Hand washing recommended. carried the Norpro Coily-Q Potato/Onion Cutter (Norpro Model 861), which easily makes spiraled french fried potatoes and onion curls. The Coily-Q was discontinued and the Apple Mate 2 (Model 864) is viewed as its replacement. It has the coily-q pattern of slicing, but is not the same blade. It cores while spirling, where the Coily-Q cutter cut the entire vegetable for the fries or curls.

Product Details:

Product Length: 9.5 inches
Product Width: 1.5 inches
Product Height: 7.5 inches
Product Weight: 2.03 pounds
Package Length: 10.3 inches
Package Width: 7.7 inches
Package Height: 2.2 inches
Package Weight: 1.55 pounds

Please read this testimonial: "I bought a Norpro AppleMate 2. This baby attaches to your countertop and peels, slices, and cores...with the crank of the handle. Growing up, my mom had one of these. We just called it the Apple-Peeler-Slicer-Corer. They are a brilliant little invention because they are such a huge time saver. Even my toddler got in on the action, cranking out spirals of peeled apples. If you have the time & patience, it’s a great way for little hands to help out."

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