Universal Plus Mixer with Ice Cream Maker Combo
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Universal Plus Mixer with Ice Cream Maker Combo
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The Bosch Universal Plus features an improved design and powerful efficient motor rated at 500 Watts of power (same motor that was formerly rated at 800 watts- the rating method changed March 2021) that extends motor life.  The Bosch Universal Plus has a unique transmission that gets the motor's hard turning torque to the bowl better than other mixers.  The new modern unique design enhances ease of cleaning and use with a pop-out drive shaft. The redesigned 6.5 quart (or 6.2 liter) mixing bowl will handle up to 15 lbs of dough. Its new ergonomic design facilitates 360 degree easy handling with a rim at the top of the bowl.  Suction cup feet prevent walking of the machine from imbalance in dough that may occur during kneading.  The Bosch Universal Plus has another speed added over the prior model expanding the speed range with a lower low gear and a higher high gear.  It still features a pulse feature.  The Bosch Universal Plus uses a drive belt for the bowl vs. gears of competing overhead drive kitchen machines.  The Bosch belt efficiently transmits far more torque, runs cooler, and is incredibly durable with an an amazing failure rate below one percent.  It has a low center of gravity making it a breeze to move and handle.  With no overhead obstructions you see everything that is happening so adding ingredients is easily done. It also runs exceptionally quiet.  This option adds the Artiste Ice Cream Maker for FREE with the purchase of the mixer which fits on the slow speed drive of the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine or the drive of the Artiste Mixer..

The Bosch Kitchen machine comes with all of the following:
  • base and motor
  • mixing bowl with splash ring and bowl cover
  • plastic (dishwasher safe) driver
  • dough hook
  • wire whips
  • cover for blender drive
  • Nutrimill Artiste Ice Cream Maker

  • Other accessories or attachments must be ordered separately and increase your use of this machine. 

    Additional features:
  • Works well with both small or large quantities.
  • Removable drive shaft is easy to clean.
  • Whisk holder is dishwasher safe.
  • Splash ring allows for easy adding of ingredients.
  • An improved sealed oil transmission more than doubles the lifetime of the transmission.
  • Dough hook is designed to replicate hand kneading-100% gluten development in minimal time.
  • 4 speed settings + momentary switch provide a slower slow speed and faster fast speed than prior models.
  • Cord Storage.
  • Suction feet for a secure standing.
  • Wide range of optional accessories.
  • Overload and start motor protection.
  • Best warranty in the business: 3 year motor / transmission warranty . 1 year on other parts.
  • Earned Good Housekeeping's seal of approval.

  • BOSCH quality- 17 yrs average lifetime- higher than other mixers in its class.
  • High customer satisfaction.
  • BOSCH has sold this series of mixers since the 1950's.
  • Long term proven quality and performance.
  • Easy to clean.
Specifications: Weight: 20.0 lb
Color(s): White

TIPs: The Bowl must be locked in and blender cover in place for motor to operate. Lubricate the plastic gears on the wire whips, whisks, or cookie paddles with shortening with each use to avoid overheating of the plastic when mixing for extended times.

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